Will Billie Jean find true love and happiness?

All her life, Billie Jean Sloane, a charismatic, exquisite, small-town beauty, has been desired and spoiled by men. At sixteen, following a tragedy involving her first husband--"the love of her life"--she is heartbroken. Unable to forgive or forget, her parents take drastic measures to keep them apart.

The vain, yet innocent, Billie Jean--one of seven siblings--is swept from her humble beginnings at 1106 Grand Boulevard in the Midwestern town of Hamilton, Ohio to a luxurious life-style in Phoenix, Arizona and other fascinating locales... through a World War II marriage and a Mafia scare in Sacramento, California... to vicious seduction at Lake Tahoe... to the fabulous wealth of the "San Francisco Sinclairs," real estate and jewelry tycoons. Then back to her hometown to search for her first husband.

This story takes you through Billie Jean's seven marriages and sixty-four years--1933 to 1997--of happiness and tragedy. Always searching for her first love and her childhood, the enchanting child/woman captivates many men along the way, each wealthier than the one before ... each sending her scurrying back to 1106 Grand Boulevard, a trail of broken hearts in her wake.

1106 Grand Boulevard is the story of passions that last a lifetime; of family love and betrayal; of spousal abuse and sadistic child abuse; a story of Billie Jean's desperate search for happiness, self-worth, and maturity ... a story of people needing people and people using people.

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1106 Grand Boulevard

What are readers saying about GRAND?

Thomas Wikman (Texas), Amazon Reviewer

A HEART WRENCHING AND HEARTWARMING MASTERPIECE. This gem of a book is not just another romantic story based on a real character. In fact I think it is the most powerful and touching novel that I have ever read.

Billy Jean, a very beautiful and vivacious but slightly vain and naive young girl is shot by her husband Cal, in a fit of jealous anger. Cal is madly in love with Billy Jean but he carries deep emotional scars from his childhood that makes it difficult for him to control his anger. (see more from Thomas Wikman)


Linda Bulger (Avon, Maine), Amazon Reviewer

DO YOU BELIEVE IN SECOND CHANCES? Some books grab you with an action-packed opening and hook you right in from the first paragraph. Other books reveal the richness of their story a layer at a time. Betty Dravis' "1106 Grand Boulevard" does both. Firmly rooted in small-town America, it ranges through more than sixty years and across the country from Ohio to Arizona, Nevada and California. (see more from Linda Bulger)


Frank Nappi (New York), Author of THE LEGEND OF MICKEY TUSSLER

"THERE IS NOTHING GOOD OR BAD, but thinking makes it so." This pithy comment by Hamlet is perhaps the very essence of this engaging, thought-provoking novel about family dynamics and some of the dysfunction that, essentially, touches all of us to some degree. The resiliency of Dravis' heroine, Billie Jean, is indeed refreshing, wonderfully antithetical to the all too common saccharine, off-putting portrayal of many of fiction's leading ladies. (see more from Frank Nappi)


Mark LaFlamme (Maine), Author of DIRT: AN AMERICAN CAMPAIGN

AMAZING DRAVIS. BETTY DRAVIS IS AMAZING. I knew she possessed an amazing narrative voice after stumbling across her short story V.O. I knew she was a clever story teller and a master of character. But I was initially reluctant to read 1106 GRAND BOULEVARD, fearing it might have the overall flavor of a Lifetime for Women movie.

I see now the error of my ways. There is nothing soft or glossy about 1106 GRAND. Dravis presents Billie Jean, the main character who is both delicate and hard, naive and hyper-perceptive. She is a character the reader at once pities, fears for and respects. (see more from Mark LaFlamme)


Christy Tillery French (Powell, TN), Author of THE BODYGUARD series

AUTHOR BETTY DRAVIS HAS WRITTEN AN INTRIGUING"FACTION" as she calls it, eloquently weaving fiction with her own personal history. The end result is a powerful peek into family dynamics and relationships.

When 16-year-old Billie Jean Sloane elopes with Cal Taylor, the Sloane family is taken aback. But when Billie Jean flees from an abusive Cal to the sanctum of her family's home at 1106 Grand Boulevard, the family gathers around her in an effort to be supportive. Pregnant and depressed, Billie Jean is taken by her Aunt Tommie to Arizona, where she learns a thing or two about the male species. (see more from Christy Tillery French)


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