Betty's Short Stories

Amazon Shorts are never-before-seen short works from a wide variety of well-known authors, available only on Try a new genre or a new author--there's something for everyone. At a cost of only 49 cents, they're delivered electronically in PDF format; no printed editions. Simply download, print and read at your own convenience. You might start with one of Betty's short stories. She has three (see below) that have been No. One best-sellers and have remained in the Top 100 sellers for over two years. Also watch for her new short story, "The Collector," soon to be released on Amazon Shorts.




Christy Tillery French (Powell, TN), Author of The Bodyguard Series

MOVE OVER STEPHEN KING! Charles, a respected banker in his sixties, takes a cruise with his wife and upon his return looks and acts much younger, as does his wife, who is now pregnant. When his elderly friend Walter inquires about this dramatic transformation, Charles tells him it lies with V.O. Asked to explain further, Charles swears Walter to secrecy and tells him about the cruise.... (see more from Christy Tillery French)



The Search For Bobby McGee 

 Paul Weiss (Dundas,ON), Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

NO QUESTION IN MY MIND! BETTY DRAVIS HAS A REAL TALENT! Her characters are writ large but this fullness is achieved with an economically, carefully chosen collection of amazingly few words. Virgil and Winnie Crenshaw are a very special retired couple - financially secure without being ridiculously wealthy, happy with their lives and obviously very happy with one another. They're not only good friends but they respect each other, they enjoy one another's company and they're clearly still in love ... (see more from Paul Weiss)


Homer, Hector and the Smashed-Up Jag

Cheryl Kaye Tardif (Edmondton,Canada), Author of "Whale Song"

A charming tale about racial discrimination and friendship. Take two unpredictable characters--Homer, a rich and famous movie producer, and Hector, a hard-working Mexican-American with 10 kids--and throw them together under unusual circumstances and you have the makings of an amusing yet poignant short story. When Hector's truck hits Homer's jag, a strange friendship begins. (see more from Cheryl Kaye Tardif)