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2013 Starts off With a Bang! 2012 Was Super Rewarding! Thanks to you!

2012 has been an exciting year for me, my family and my books! On the book front, I won three awards in 2012: First, my epic romantic thriller, 1106 GRAND BOULEVARD, placed in top 20 of BEST WOMEN'S FICTION and I placed 18th in THE FOURTH ANNUAL SHORTY AWARDS (author category). The third award is for my first horror book that I co-wrote with the Queen of Terror Barbara Watkins. Our SIX-PACK OF BLOOD won BEST PARANORMAL HORROR from Director/Producer Dimi Nakov of Zodiac Entertainment in New Zealand.

Not only THAT, but our SIX-PACK put Barbara and I into an elite class of writer who can claim international best-seller status! Yay! That happened when SIX-PACK became no. one in Kindle Paid books (horror genre), No. 2 in Germany and No. 34 or so in the UK. It actually made it into the top ten and top one hundred many times. Thanks to YOU, our wonderful friends, who are kind enough to buy our works.

2013 started off with a bang, too! Our sequel to BLOOD, SIX-PACK OF FEAR, won DIRECTOR'S CHOICE/BEST PARANORMAL/FEAR award for 2013. That's mind-boggling when you consider that it isn't even out yet. What happened is that we sent a copy to Dimi Nakov, requesting a review blurb for front of book. To our surprise, he loved it so much he gave us another monumental award. Thanks, Dimi. You New Zealanders know good horror when you read and/or view it. :-)

As you all know, writing books is hard work but a lot of rewarding fun too. But we authors all hate the marketing process. Thus, when we do achieve great press, we are walking on clouds. That's me now! Walking on another cloud because Steve Caresser placed my books in THE BEST READS of 2013... And so the goodies continue to pour in. Thanks, Steve. You rock, man! Please check this link to see his postings.

I must also thank these authors for writing special blogs and/or splashes about me and my books: Janet Beasley, Niamh Clune, Daniel L. Carter, Linda Leander and the artist Sally Ann Rowland. I've also been invited to guest for Collette Scott, Carolyn Arnold, Deb Hockenberry and Uvi Poznansky.

And I can't forget radio hosts Judyth Piazza, Bennet Pomerantz and Ashley Fontainne for having me on their popular shows. My next interveiw will be with the lovely Jessica Gilbert for my third appearance on her Talent Spotlight Magazine. And then in February  the charming radio hostess Mackenzie Knight is featuring me...  I'll keep you posted. In face, I need to post a list of past, present and future interviews on this site somewhere... So much to do... :-)

My motto is REACHING OUR DREAMS ONE BOOK AT A TIME, and I'm happy to say that I came out with two new books in 2012 (photos on montage above): STAR STRUCK: Interviews With Dirty Harry and Other Hollywood Icons and my first horror (SIX-PACK OF BLOOD) mentioned above) that I wrote with Barbara Watkins.  SIX-PACK OF FEAR (again with my favorite horror writer Barbara Watkins) is my first offering for 2013. I'm so lucky to be able to work with Barbara again. Wow! God is good!

I have another announcement to make. Barbara and I adore filmmaker Armand Mastroianni, so when we learned he has a new film out we jumped on the bandwagon and started promoting it to all our websites and to friends like you. DARK DESIRE is a made-for-TV movie and it won the LMN poll so gets the special viewing placements. I've seen it three times already. LOL It's fabulous and the actors superb. Please see it on LMN when it rolls around again. As a result, the great, very generous Armand sent Barbara and I a treasured gift: a limited edition poster of DARK DESIRE featuring Nic Robuck and signed by Armand, Nic, Producer Ed Polgardy and the gifted screenwriter Julie Lynch.

Before closing I need to thank these awesome, very famous people for writing Forewords for my last three books: Director David Worth (for my DREAM REACHERS II...written with Chase Von); NY Times bestselling author John Locke (for my STAR STRUCK); internationally acclaimed film director Armand Mastroianni (for SIX-PACK OF BLOOD). I can't tell you who is writing the foreword for SIX-PACK OF FEAR yet because we want to surprise you with this awesome movie director/drama coach. Thanks to Armand for recommending this award-winning, innovative, lovely woman. And thanks to all of you for sprinkling stardust on my works! I am so humble and grateful.

I'm also redesigning my website very soon and will announce the winners of THE FIRST ANNUAL BETTY AWARDS. Stay tuned, your book, cover or creative design just might be the winner of a BETTY!

Goodnight, friends. It's Friday, so have an awesome, relaxing weekend. Do what you like doing best! Hugs - Betty PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS; THEY MEAN A LOT TO ME. And invite your friends to visit my site.




My co-author Barbara Watkins and I are happy to announce that our "Six-Pack of Blood" is free this weekend only; since it's now Sunday, today is the last day to get one free. We are delighted that Saturday was a very successful day. Six-Pack went to No. 2 in Germany (occult/horror); No. 5 in U.S. (occult/horror) and No. 34 in the UK (horror). Thanks to all our friends who ordered. We sincerly hope you like our book. 
Let's make Sunday even better. This is a special book, with three horrors written by me (Queen of the Social Media), three by Barbara Watkins (the Queen of Terror) and the foreword written by the great movie director/producer ARMAND MASTROIANNI (a few of his vast credits: Pandemic, Dark Shadows, TV's Friday the Thirteenth and many more). Thanks, Armand.
And if that isn't enough, this book also received the prestigious BEST PARANORMAL/HORROR AWARD from award-winning Dimi Nakov, director/producer at Zodiac Entertainment filmmakers.
Read for yourself to see what all the fuss is about!
We love you all! And thanks for all your help. We couldn't do it without THE BIG THREE: FANS, FRIENDS, FAMILY

Dames of Dialogue Blog Features Hometowns of the Five Dames

Today's blog at the popular Dames of Dialogue website is different because author Maggie Bishop, co-founder of the site, asked her four co-Dames, including me, to write something about the places we live. I shared a little about my current city of Manteca in Central California.

Since I was still bogged down with the promo of the recent launch of our latest book "Six-Pack of Blood" (co-author, the great Queen of Terror Barbara Watkins) and other projects, I was a bit late with my copy for Maggie. Thus, I'm last on the list, but I certainly appreciate Maggie working it in for me. As a result, I shared fewer photos than I usually do, so will post a few for you here on my personal website. I wanted you to see more of our Lakeside Clubhouse at Del Webb's Woodbridge, so here are a few more pictures. Enjoy!

This is me lounging in a bright, cheerful portion of the lengthy hallway.

My friend Linda Bulger when she visited from Maine; pictured outside billiards room.

And here I am on the patio of the Lakeside Clubhouse of my home in Manteca.I truly enjoyed seeing the cities where my co-Dames live and learning more about them. For the full story about the homes of all five Dames, please go to this link: The link to a slide show of Del Webb's is included in my portion of the Dames of Dialogue blog.



Congrats to author Ashley Fontainne! She won the prize in our SIX-PACK drawing!

by Betty Dravis

As previously announced, Barbara Watkins and I offered a $50 Amazon gift certificate in a drawing from the commenters of our first post about our latest book SIX-PACK OF BLOOD.

AND THE WINNER IS (drum roll...)... ASHLEY FONTTAINE, best-selling author of EVISCERATING THE SNAKE series. As expected, she scurried over to Amazon and is downloading books while I type. :-) And as further expected, she downloaded my 1106 GRAND BOULEVARD and Barbara Watkins's AWAKEN SPIRIT! Now this is one MAD SOUTHERN WOMAN who knows how to pay it more ways than one: Ashley is forever promoting and helping other authors. Thanks so much, our Arkansas friend.

More kudos are due for this prolific author because she just came out with her third book: RAMBLINGS OF A MAD SOUTHERN WOMAN. It's an eclectic mix of poems and short stories, fiction and nonfiction that will tug your heartstrings. For such a young woman, she has a vast experience of life situations, and as with most of us, some are good, some are bad. There is something in this book for everyone; from dark short horror stories and poetry to inspiring ones in both areas. I particularly enjoy the powerful writing about her father and her husband. But she will blow you away with her imagination as she delves into horror.

To keep the drawing honest, I asked my granddaughter Michelle Dravis Gocke to have my adorable grerat-grandson Devon to select the winner from the papers containing names of all commenters in the previous blog about the launch of SIX-PACK OF BLOOD. Here's the link to Devon doing the honors:

 Thanks, Ashley, for giving me the privilege of writing the Foreword for this bittersweet book; I learned more about you in its pages. Best of luck with all your writings. You're off too an awesome start since your first book made it to #1 on the Kindle charts. Keep writing... Your fans are waiting!

This is what the very talented Florida author Yvonne Mason wrote in her review: Ashley Fontainne has crawled into the mind of most women who have ever been loved - cheated on and left. She has crawled into our deepest closets and pulled out all the skeletons that reside there. From the very first poem to the last short story page Ms. Fontainne delves into the heart and souls of human nature. There is a fine line between love and hate and Ms. Fontainne straddles it like a high wire act.
But, through it all she maintains her faith in her God, her family and her self.
She has put on paper what most of us feel at one time or another but are just to frightened to admit it.
A Five star read for sure.