World chaos erupts when David Wetterman--a popular Silicon Valley weatherman--makes a startling prophecy about the first baby to be born on January 1, 2001: Countries fight over "The Millennium Babe"; expectant mothers are terrified; abortion rates accelerate. "The Prophet" becomes an international celebrity, forced into hiding when some VIPs threaten his life. With his remarkable TV director, Bitsy Blodgett, by his side, the apocalyptic countdown to the third millennium begins.

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Millennium Babe: The Prophecy

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Paul Kyriazi, ”Bondlife,” Hollywood film director (“Omega Cop”) and author ("How To Live the James Bond Lifestyle")

A THRILLER WITH A UNIQUE PREMISE THAT DELIVERS TO THE END. A small-time weatherman suddenly gets an attack of psychic powers on TV and predicts a special baby will be born at the turn of the century. The weatherman suddenly becomes a celebrity and the world goes Millennium Babe crazy, to the point of some women aborting their babies because they can't handle the responsibility or imagined consequences... (see more from Paul Kyriazi)


Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

BETTY DRAVIS' MILLENNIUM BABE: THE PROPHECY is a startling, almost apocalyptic story set in a world eerily parallel to our own, in which a popular Silicon Valley weatherman makes a seemingly unbelievable yet widely embraced prophecy about the first baby to be born on January 1, 2001. As the countdown winds to the relished and dreaded day, expectant mothers around the world feel terror and countries fight over the forthcoming “Millennium Babe.” (see more from Midwest Book Review)


Amanda Richards (Georgetown, Guyana), Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

LET IT BE. Although I've just had the opportunity to read it, Millennium Babe is the first book written by Betty Dravis, an author well known for her ability to humanize characters. Each usually has a little catch-phrase which they repeat throughout the book, and although this may seem strange at first, this trademark of Betty's gradually grows on you. (see more from Amanda Richards)


Victoria Taylor Murray (Kentucky), author "What A Talent"

I JUST FINISHED READING MILLENNIUM BABE: THE PROPHECY," by gifted writer, Betty Dravis, and all I can say is this is one extremely TALENTED writer! I was blown away by this story... (see more from Victoria Taylor Murray)


C. Robert Lee (Idyllwild, CA), photo-journalist and author of “Circles of Destiny”

SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT FROM THE BABE WILL WARM YOUR HEART. Every once in awhile a first novelist comes on the scene with an idea for a story that holds the promise for world improvement. Instead of all the junky, formulistic, overwritten, full-of-violence cardboard cutouts for characters that save the world from some apocalyptic event, the characters in this novel have a sense of compassion and destiny in wanting to protect and nourish the advent of The Prophecy. The first-born child of the new millennium is destined to bring a renaissance of spiritual possibilities to a world in desperate need. Who will control this child of special powers becomes the question for nations to ponder, and criminals to start plotting. (see more from C. Robert Lee)