Betty Dravis shares behind-the-scenes happenings of some of her favorite celebrity interviews. She tells what led up to the interviews and her feelings and impressions during and after the meetings. Among those interviewed were: Actor/Director Clint Eastwood, Senator Ted Kennedy, 40's Star Jane Russell, Singer/Actress Tanya Tucker, Mayor Joseph Alioto, and Actress Ann Sothern.



Star Struck: Interviews with Dirty Harry and other Hollywood Icons

What are readers saying about Star Struck?

"What can I say about Betty? In fact, it might be an easier question to ask what can't I say about Betty? I could list superlatives such as fabulous, amazing, inspiring, but I guess I had better tell you why I think those things about this (here I go again) wonderful lady. To tell you that she has the magic to bring grown men to their knees in obeisance is not an exaggeration. In fact, she has us all trying to please her. Betty is the queen of the social network boards, make no mistake about that!" - Dr. Niamh Clune, author of Orange Petals in a Storm, co-founder of Orangeberry (with Brian Bianco, author of Dressed for a Kill)

"...We mortals often daydream about what it would be like to be famous (at least this mortal and now, thanks to Betty Dravis, we've been offered a peek into that world. I recommend this book to anyone who, like me, is star struck. You'll come away with an entirely different appreciation for those special individuals." - Joseph Perrone, Jr., author 

"Americans have a huge appetite for glimpses of the magic behind the curtain of celebrity. Novelist, interviewer and former journalist Betty Dravis delivers her own brand of magic in these vignettes from her days as a young California newspaperwoman. Betty had some fascinating gigs and these stories describe how she handled situations that would have rocked more experienced writers." - Linda Bulger, Amazon Top Reviewer, New York


"As always, Ms Dravis's interviews have a warmth, charm and delightful quirkiness that draw you in, fill you with enjoyment, and leave you wanting more. Ms. Dravis always adds that special personal touch that leaves the reader with a true sense of who these icons really are as people, not just as idols." - Karen McCord Zabalaoui, Amazon Top Reviewer, Texas


"...Dravis offers us a very human picture of the reporter conducting interviews. At times it is entertaining, as for example when she reflects on her "bad hair day" when meeting Clint Eastwood. At other times, it is poignant, as when she reflects on her meeting with Senator Ted Kennedy years before his prolonged struggle with cancer. But in all her anecdotes, Dravis offers readers a picture of how the interviewer, far from being a neutral questioner, is affected by the meeting with her subjects." - Fritz Ward, Southern California, school teacher and avid day-hiker