THANKS TO THE WOZ FOR PLAYING A CHARACTER IN TOONIES - "Before we get into the book description, I would like to thank one of my Silicon Valley heroes, STEVE 'THE WOZ' WOZNIAK, for graciously giving me permission to use him in a speaking role in 'The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley.' Writing him into this satiric adventure in the Valley made the book a joy to write. Picturing him running through the sprinklers with the human kids and 'good' Toonies as they attempted to capture the 'bad' Toonies was a pleasure I will treasure always. Thanks, Steve, and thanks for all your humanitarian projects. You are a remarkable man who 'made a huge difference' in our world. It's an honor to know you." - Betty Dravis


Beware, citizens of Silicon Valley--the bad Toonies are on their way. Led by the evil ape-bird, Dab, the Mischief Makers have escaped from Computer Cartoon Land. They are skulking in the shadows, ready to pounce. Dab will do anything to stay in the real world, so makes plans to take over Orange Computer, then Grape Computer, Banana ... and then the world.

Thanks to Uncle Wom (Wise Old Man and leader of Cartoon Land), the good Toonies aren't far behind. Uncle Wom and a cartoon teen, Doog, have come to help Jeremy Kern, a young newspaper cartoonist--the only human who can save Silicon Valley. Steve "The Woz" Wozniak, co-founder of Orange Computer, gets involved when the bad Toonies take over the supply building at Orange headquarters. This is a story of good versus bad ... Doog versus Dab.

Illustrated byCalifornia artist
Kristy Soza

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The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley


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Rice and garlic man, Amazon reviewer

THIS BOOK HAS BECOME MY ALL TIME FAVORITE and like another reviewer I'm wondering when this excellent story will be playing in theaters.

I'm always on the go in the tri-state area. The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley is always in my briefcase on Metro North railways where I'll stop in and visit relatives before it's back to The Port Authority heading home.This book makes the trip less chaotic and so much more pleasant.(see Daniel's video review)


Erika Sorocco (Southern California), Amazon Top 500 Reviewer and newspaper book reviewer

A UNIQUE NOVEL FOR ALL AGES. Like many towns, Silicon Valley is a place where nothing exciting happens. At least most of the time. So when a group of bandit Toonies, led by an ape-bird named Dab, decide to invade Silicon Valley, the residents are quite surprised. The so-called Toonies have escaped from Computer Cartoon Land, and are ready to pounce on anything that catches their eye. Dab, however, has other plans. He refuses to leave the real world, and has evil plans to take over Grape Computer, Orange Computer, and, eventually, the entire world. But Dab’s plans will soon be destroyed, for Uncle Wom - short for Wise Old Man, who happens to be the leader of Cartoon Land - along with the good Toonies are hot on the trail of the baddies. Together, Uncle Wom, a cartoon teen named Doog, and a human newspaper cartoonist named Jeremy Kern, will work alongside one another to stop the bad Toonies, and save Silicon Valley. (see more from Erica Sorocco)

*****, Jennifer Wardrip, (All over the U.S. and Canada)

IN THIS CHARMING STORY OF GOOD VERSUS EVIL, author Betty Dravis introduces us to the Toonies. Small beings who live in Cartoon Land, the world inside of our computers, the Toonies, like humans, come in good and bad form. Although some of them look a lot like us, others, such as the Mischief-Makers, resemble ape-like birds. But I bet you’re wondering what the heck Toonies have to do with Silicon Valley, aren’t you? (see more from


Kasia S. (New York City), Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS YOU WILL EVER READ! I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun reading a book. At the age of twenty-six I still remember my favorite childhood tales while I read regular adult stuff but when I picked up Toonies I was in for a fantastic surprise, a book for children that an adult can love too! Of course whether I really feel like an adult is another story. (see more from Kasia S.)


Linda Collison, author of “Star-Crossed”

ALREADY A CULT CLASSIC! Three cheers for Betty Dravis! Combining the elements and themes of a classic fantasy with freshly imagined characters in a thoroughly modern setting, the author has created an engaging children’s story that will hopefully become a series. I have to believe that most children in this computer-driven age would really get into this “animated” book. Parents will appreciate the message and underlying values. (see more from Linda Collison)


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